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Drain Repair Services in Mississauga

If you have older pipes in your house, they are likely to be caked with mineral deposits and to be corroding. Contact Sentral HVAC & Plumbing for experienced drain repair services that will enhance the quality of your water while also protecting your plumbing system from damage.  Sentral HVAC & Plumbing is a reliable drain cleaning company in Canada that always gives high-quality, inexpensive drain repair services to Mississauga homeowners and those in the surrounding area. Whether you require routine drain maintenance, emergency drain services, or other drain services, we are available 24 hours a day. The drain services provided by Sentral HVAC & plumbing include everything like drain maintenance, repair, and unblocking.

Drain Services We Offer

Drain Installation
Our professional team of drainage contractors is fully qualified and prepared to accomplish residential and commercial drainage installations to the greatest possible level of quality and efficiency. We provide a wide range of drainage installation services, including drainage mapping, which enables us to assess the existing layout of your system in order to seamlessly integrate your new installation.
Drain Repair
We service all of the drains in your home, from clogged kitchen sinks to clogged bathroom sinks. Taking a look around your home, you will notice that there are many various types of drains that must be kept clean in order to function correctly. Sentral HVAC & Plumbing personnel are equipped with the necessary expertise and equipment to deliver a comprehensive range of drain cleaning services to residential and commercial properties.
Drain Replacement
Unfortunately, plumbing systems do not last permanently. Every day, your plumbing system is put through its paces. As a result, your fixtures or pipes may begin to corrode over time as a result of this. Repiping services are available from Sentral HVAC & plumbing, and We will assist you in replacing your old, worn pipes swiftly and at an incredible price.

Drain Camera Inspection
Our professionals can inspect the condition of your pipes with the use of special video pipe cameras that are connected to an external display. The camera may disclose problems such as collapsed pipes, tree root intrusion, cracks, and other issues once it has been placed inside of the line.

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Drain Cleaning

A clogged drain can have severe consequences in either a residential or commercial setting. Chemical drain cleaners are frequently used to unclog drains by homeowners, but this is only a temporary remedy that may actually do more damage than good. Our crew in the Mississauga area is well-equipped with the tools and training necessary to provide drain cleaning services to our residential clients. In the event that you are in need of drain cleaning, you have arrived at the correct location. Sentral HVAC & Plumbing employs only a drain cleaning specialist that is knowledgeable in the repair and installation of plumbing systems.

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Is your kitchen sink clogged? Call emergency drain repair service now!

Drain Repair Service

Drain cleaning, drain inspection and drain replacement of broken drain pipe repair services may be required in the event of a clogged or damaged drain line. It is critical to replace the drain. When a sewage backup occurs in your basement or residence, you run the risk of having your cellar or house completely submerged.

Drain replacement is a time-consuming and expensive endeavour in most circumstances. If the necessary preparation stages and drain problem assessment are not carried out correctly, the cost of drain replacement may increase. That is why before they begin excavating, our drain cleaning experts make certain that they have identified the problem and the greatest strategy to take care of it.

In many circumstances, trenchless drain replacement is available through the use of trenchless pipe replacement technology, which eliminates the need for excavation. It can save you money and time in the long run by avoiding the need to fix your landscape afterwards.

On the basis of the landscaping in your yard, the location of the issue area, the type of drain pipe that was installed, the depth of the pipe underground, and even what sort of soil was on top of the pipe, we will select the most appropriate drain replacement option for your home.

Say goodbye to messy, embarrassing, and quite frankly disgusting drains problems once and for all.
Its pays to have a team know your home's drains system as intimately as we do.

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For Drain blockages and problems call drain maintenance services and emergency repairs from Sentral HVAC & Plumbing

There are numerous reasons for a drain to become clogged. While some are more dangerous than others, the end result is the same in that if you have a clogged drain, it needs to be handled as soon as possible to avoid further problems. Sentral HVAC & Plumbing offers the best drain maintenance and drains repair services in Mississauga, Oakville, and other neighbouring regions.

Following are some of the main causes of drain blockages:

Grease and fat build-up

It is possible for a steady build-up of grease in your drains to be caused by disposing of oil and fat in your kitchen sink, soap, and certain food waste. Grease and fat can frequently be found in traditional soap bars.

Foreign objects

Smaller foreign objects flushed down the toilet can create a blockage, and one that attracts others can lead them to congregate around it, causing a drain clogging. Also, small children’s toys are clogged up in drains that can cause big trouble.

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Another important reason for drain blockages is hair clogging, which attracts other causes such as grease, resulting in the formation of a blockage. Shower units should be equipped with drain guards to prevent hair from entering the drain, and they should be cleaned on a regular basis.

Tree roots

For significant drain blockages in Canada, this is the worst-case situation. A minor gap in a sewer pipe or underground drain can quickly become a breeding site for tree roots, which can enter and spread throughout the pipe until it is completely clogged. In other cases, the root has even been visible within the house, which is unusual. There are a variety of methods for removing tree roots.

Professional drain cleaning and clogged drain repairs

In order to ensure that your drains perform their functions properly, Sentral HVAC & Plumbing provides professional drain cleaning and repair services in Mississauga. No matter if you are dealing with a leaky drain, filthy build-up, or the need to replace your drain pipe entirely, we are pleased to provide a helping hand. The importance of keeping a watch on these things cannot be overstated, as you will be able to take appropriate action to avoid any severe drainage problems from occurring.


Don’t allow clogged drains to accumulate and grow. Call a professional drain cleaning and clogged drain repairs as soon as you notice a clog or a backup in your pipes. Maintaining the proper operation of your home’s plumbing system is essential for a safe and enjoyable living environment, from every shower to a new recipe you’re experimenting with within the kitchen.

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Why Choose us?

Professional tools

Our drain cleaning professionals are well-equipped with drain rooters, wrenches, snake augers, and other instruments to de-clog drains and handle drainage difficulties in a short amount of time.

Thinking Ahead

We are professionals in the inspection and maintenance of plumbing systems, and we provide peace of mind to businesses through customized maintenance programs.

Experienced Technicians

Our team of professional plumbers has significant experience in drainage systems for both residential and commercial buildings. They are qualified and equipped to handle any drainage issues.

Regular maintenance

Trust a professional drain cleaning service to do regular inspections and maintenance on your pipes and drains to avoid the accumulation of harmful trash.

Guaranteed results

Sentral HVAC & Plumbing has built the best drain services that can manage even the toughest blockages and backups while returning your house or company to its original condition.

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